About us

BCC Lease is a financial company specialising in the small ticket sector, a subsidiary of Iccrea BancaImpresa, the corporate bank of Credito Cooperativo.
BCC Lease operates in two separate market segments: it provides manufacturers and retailers of capital goods with financial solutions to help their sales, and provides BCC customers (businesses, craftsmen and professionals) with solutions for their company cars.
For over 10 years, BCC Lease has acted as natural partner to capital goods suppliers - especially Italian - with whom it operates not only through operating and finance leases, but also by providing small, targeted loans.
Its customer portfolio includes more than 3,500 suppliers (manufacturers, distributors and dealers) of all sizes and throughout Italy.
In the company car services segment it operates with BCC approved members by providing car and light industrial vehicle leasing and car rental with add-on services. For the latter it makes use of its partnership with Car Server, an investee of Iccrea BancaImpresa.
BCC Lease conducts its business activities in all areas of Italy through its direct offices in Milan and Rome, the Iccrea BancaImpresa branches and a select network of agents.
Its simple forms, a series of standardised, automated processes and Internet portals dedicated to the sales channel allow BCC Lease to provide a rapid, efficient service to its customers.